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  1. Andavari - Thanks for the reply and the heads up. I been using ZA and CC for a long time (I'm almost older then dirt). There are not many things that I allow permanently into ZA, and hate having to uncheck the remember this setting box (I can't remember in what version of ZA where the remember this setting was checked by default). I like to know when something wants access to the internet. I'm behind a router and use ZA for outbound traffic monitoring. I hit the lil bump in the road during the latest install and am now cruising along. I may be one of the lucky ones but this is the first p
  2. See the link below it says to rename the plugin .dll file and the plugin will be removed. The expose full path instructions mentioned do not work in FF21 only FF20 and below but the full path will be in FF22. See here. From https://support.mozi...shooting plugin With plugin trouble it also says to find the pluginreg.dat file in your profile, exit FF then delete the pluginreg.dat file and FF will build a new one. I would make a backup copy of the pluginreg.dat file just in case. it's worth a shot to see. Ccleaner might be getting the info from the pluginreg.dat file.
  3. I'm glad too. It was a ping.exe that popped up in ZA free from nsa3.tmp during the install which I allowed. All is good, happier than a pig in poop!
  4. Reply to all - Been using CCleaner free for a long time and will continue to use it...just luv it, and even more now using it with []. I reside in NJ USA, using FF21.0, cache always emptied when exiting FF. OS XP Home SP3 with all available updates installed. To clarify what I did I downloaded it from all 3 locations presented to me, glad somebody else got the 3 locations also....Why I don't know...must be gremlins LOL. I thought I mighta got a bad download, when it hung up during the install showing please wait while installing so I downloded it from all 3 locations. I got the notice from
  5. When I seen your reply I did a google search like I did before for download Ccleaner and it had the piriform link which took me to the download page @ https://piriform.com/ccleaner/download which listed filehippo, piriform and download.com the screen capture was created Today, May 28, 2013, 6:44:35 PM edit - winapp2.ini - I didn't see about trouble with 4.02 free that why I started the topic. I'm releived it was more than just me having trouble. I dunno whats going on, I never had to disable ZA or AVG before.
  6. Found out the problem. When trying to install 4.02 with ZoneAlarm free running it asked for permission to access the internet with the ping via nsa3.tmp, which I allowed. I just tried the install with ZA free disable and it installed like always with no problem.
  7. Downloaded the install from all 3 locations. Ran the .exe, it sends a ping command then just sits there with the setup stating installing ccleaner plaease wait......I wait , no HDD activity. I downloaded Ccleaner 4.02 free portable and it works fine. Something wrong with the install version. edit - I'm running XP Home SP3 with all updates installed to date. I also disabled AVG free when trying to install.
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