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  1. Something seems to have gone wrong somehow. I used Recuva to recover data from a crashed hard drive and it managed a creditable 79GB which is about all that was on there. I then went through the second phase of converting the recovered data and was surprised a how slow it was - projecting 8 days to finish! Then I realised that the file size had mushroomed to an extraordinary 1812GB which will demolish my 2TB hard drive. There must be a lot of padding or duplication that can be trimmed out, but it will surely be very tedious. I do not know if the hard drive will take it even though it is nearly empty. This is crazy! Any advice please?
  2. Hi, brand new newbie so plaease excuse any faux pas with the etiquette - I'll do my best. Hard drive crashed yesterday taking all my data with it. Most of it is backed up but sadly a couple of days worth is not owing to failure of backup prog - no excuse. Badly need to recover it. The data I need is in a clump of about 69 GB on a PC hard drive of 2TB which is therefore largely empty space. I ran Recuva which took an amazing 19 hours in Wizard mode to amass the 69 GB and transfer it to an external hard drive. So far so good and some of these files even have recognisable names. But when I hover or right click over any file it shows no indication of the Recuva program indicating it will proceed with recovery as it says in the literature. I have tried dozens.Double clicking opens the file which contains gobbledygook (mixed figures and letters). I don't know where to go from here Is there another program I can run on the mixed files? Can I run something else on the originals? This isn't what I was expecting! Advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks mt
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