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  1. I decided to go through the settings again. Found the issue. There's a feature that CCleaner will clean your browser automatically when it is shut down. I never clicked off those boxes as sometimes keeping the cookies around were useful until the end of the day clean up. I turned off auto clean which was checked for the two browsers I use and now Advanced Report is showing a few Firefox entries being cleaned. Not sure how the settings got changed.
  2. It won't let me cut and paste the screen shot here, so ... I've been using FF and CCleaner (pro/paid) for years so I'm familiar. The top five boxes of Application/Firefox in CCleaner is checked like they have been for a long time. In Advanced Report, there is no reference at all to Firefox now, like before. The only thing I have Firefox clean automatically on shutdown is history. The rest, CC used to take care of.
  3. I have all the checkboxes on Firefox checked for cleaning, but after a cleaning the Advanced Report shows nothing for Firefox. It also seems not to clean cookies that aren't in the Cookies to Keep column. The only thing I have Firefox clean on closing is the history. Having it delete cookies closing deletes the cookies I want to save. Both programs are the latest available.
  4. It seems since the last couple of upgrades, saved cookies (for a few different forums) seems to lose log in info. Used to be I never had an issue, now it's twice a week or so when I have to log in. Trouble is a couple of the forums don't retain previously read items so it's like starting new. A check of CCleaner shows the cookies are still in the saved box.
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