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  1. My cache was already set to 50mb. I tried to do some of those procedures but they didn't work. And it's not only my index.dat that is my corruped, my task manager and cd burner program is corruped. My cd drive can't read blank cds but can read any other cds. I can't even update my avg because the update program always crashes.
  2. I tryed chkdsk several times and it didn't change anything. I just whent in safe mode and tried to delete but it didn't work.
  3. Yes I just did. There's still the same problem, but this time it's with the index.dat in the local settings. I forgot to mention earlier that in my recycling bin there's a file called windows and i tried to delete but it always stays. When I try and look for the file it's not there and I can delete any other file but that one.
  4. C:\Documents and Settings\Matthew\Cookies\index.dat That's where it is located.
  5. How do you disable index.dat?
  6. I've been using crap cleaner for a while. It's been working fine. But, I used about 1 week ago and it corrupted my whole index.dat Not only that it made my computer a lot slower and whenever I open a program I always get trouble from it. There a little box that pops up and sais index.dat corrupted, use chkdsk. I've used and it doesn't work. I would like to know if there a way to fix. I rebooted my computer way to many times and I really don't want to do it again. Thanks for the help.
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