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  1. The problem probably is, that it is a scripted offer, sometimes it just displayed as a white background, but it is there (hidden).
  2. Maybe you should use a firewall then, since CCleaner uses an online installer for Avast, it is easily block-able.
  3. Wow, thank you, you are a lifesaver. Just one note, this has to be excluded, because it removes extensions settings: FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\*\Local Storage|*.localstorage* I would also like to know, is it possible to make cookie exceptions? EDIT: Nevermind, I installed Vanilla Cookie Manager, it does a great job removing unwanted cookies. Thanks for everything.
  4. Hi, I am just wondering, if you are still willing to do it? Please. C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\Default\Cache Not sure, which directories you require, but basically it should be the same like for Chrome. For the record, I moved to Yandex services to replace Chrome or Gmail due to Google's privacy EULA.
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