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  1. Hi all, I have started to use the CCleaner for Windows 7 for a couple of months. I have a question about Tools > Startup > Context Menu. I see three same files ***.dll, but different "Key"s, one is "Directory", another is "Drive", and the other is "File". Please see the attachment file. Do I need these three lists? What does it mean "Key" and how does it work? Would someone explaine it for me? Thank you! /Nobu/
  2. I agree about post # 22, 23 and I would like to request to the CCleaner next version for setting "Remove button" for the plugin in the Firefox. It should have the warning popup window "This action has own your risk!" before removing the plugins to avoid the risk in the post #23. (I mentioned this issue in my previous post as you can see.) Many Firefox users don't pay attention about the plugins and they don't know how many plugins are running during the Firefox browsing, like me. It is very beneficial and practical way to set the plugins delete button in the CCleaner system. For instance, "Registry" setting in the CCleaner is very helpful for me and I often delete unnessecery registries time to time. Please consider to make the "plugins delete button" in the next version. That is C"Cleaner", means cleaner, isn't it? Thank you for reading. /Nobu/
  3. Dear jm1647, Thank you so much, I made it! See the attachement screen shot file. The process is that 1) First, "Manually uninstalling a plugin" https://support.mozilla.org/.../Troubleshooting+plugin I renamed the ....dll files such as "npDeployJava1.dll" to "XnpDeployJava1.dll", "nppdf32.dll" to "Xnppdf32.dll" so on. I also deleted uneccessary old version plugins and files with "....dll" files. So, I don't see the plugin names in the Firefox Add-ons windows anymore. 2) Delete "pluginreg.dat" in the Firefox directory. C:\...\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\....fefault-...\pluginreg.dat That's it! The point is "pluginreg.dat". I thought that the CCleaner read the plugin info of the Firefox from some data file since I saw lots of plugins by the CCleaner (see my first attachent file), but I didn't know which file the CCleaner read. Anyway, thank you for all you commented to me. /Nobu/
  4. One more thing, I can delete the list in the Windows, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Schedule Tasks, and Context Menu, but only Firefox. Why???
  5. Thank you for all who wrote the message, I installed the CCleaner (version 4.02.4115) in the other computer (64 Bit, 8GB RAM) and checked firefox tab, as I mentioned in the post # 14. I cannot delete any items in the list since the right side "delete" button is gray (means inactive) and the "delete" command with right click selection does not exist. I deleted some of plugins by formal way, but the name of the list does exist in the CCleaner. Please see the attachment with this message. It is the screen shot. I don't think it is my labtop computer problems but CCleaner problems as I mentioned in the post # 14. OR Do you make this configulation intensionally for certain porpose? Does the list disapper when I delete the CCleaner and re-install it? Thank you for reading! /Nobu/
  6. Hi, I am the this topic questioner. I installed CCleaner (ver. 4.01.4093) for windows7 to the other computer (64 bit windows 7 desktop). Then, I checked the CCleaner > Tools > Startup > [Firefox] tab. I see lots of plugins list in the screen and I tried to delete some of them, but I cannot that, same as my laptop computer simptom. "delete" button is gray color means "does not work", even "delete" sign does not show by left mouse click on the plugin line. I don't think it is my laptop computer problem, but CCleaner problem. Would you fix this problem for the next version? Thank you for reading and thank you for the people who replied to me.
  7. Dear hazelnut, Thank you for your message and I checked the computer. Yes, it says "64 bit of Windows 7". But, it is so strange since my computer is "compaq presario v3500" and it had Windows Vista (2005). Then, I installed windows xp and Windows 7 now. It is/was 32 bit computer??? That's why it has only 1 GB RAM. Anyway, return to the original topic, "tools > startup > firwfox" has lots of lists even thgouh they are disabled and does not exist in the computer (I deleted the files). Does someone help me or has suggestion? /Nobu/
  8. Dear Alan_B, I suggest you download from http://www.piriform....ccleaner/builds the second item down which is Quote CCleaner - Portable Zip file, no installer 4,099 kb - ccsetup401.zip You can unzip this to a Flash Drive or a new folder in "C:\Program Files", and it will not disturb your existing installed version of CCleaner. With the existing installed version closed, just double click on the new CCleaner64.exe, and see if this also shows that you have 64 bit Windows running with only 1 GB of RAM. Yes, I downloaded the other CCleaner and run it. But the result is same "64 bit Windows ! GB of RAm" showing and it works fine. I still cannot delete the plugins even though desabled it and delete the files. Thank you!
  9. Thank you for your reply. I think my computer is old so that it is 32 bit computer and not 64 bit. But, you see the screen "64 bit Windows 7". I don't know why. Anyway, 1 GB RAM is working for 32 bit Windows 7 so far since I disabled many unnecessary services such as superfetch, IP Helper, even windows audio etc. I see only 30 services through "services" command. Let me read your comment later. Thanks again! /Nobu/
  10. Thank you for all who replied to me. Dear Alan_B, >What are these "lots" of plugins ? For example, No Plugin Adobe Acrobat default-133996.... Firefox 21.0 C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AIR\nppdf32.dll No Plugin Adobe Acrobat Adobe Systems Inc. default-136855.... C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\browser\nppdf32.dll No Plugin Adobe Acrobat ......................... ................ ................ No Plugin Java Deployment Toolkit Oracle Corporation Default-133996.... Firefox 21.0 No Plugin Java Deployment Toolkit Oracle Corporation Default Firefox 21.0 ................... Most of them are gray color that means disabled, but it is still in the list and the list exist even I delete the file manually. >Do you have full administrator privileges ? Yes, >What is your Operating System. 32 bit Windows 7 Ultimate. >Is UAC or any malware or registry protection obstructing CCleaner ? What is UAC? I am not sure about malware or registry protection. How do I find malware or the protection? >You and I may have totally different ideas upon the purpose of "Delete". I don't want to see the list even gray colored lists. "Delete" is Delete and not "Disable". >The first thing to do is to DISABLE the plugins via the Firefox menus Tools / Addons. >That might remove the first level of defence that obstructs Deletion. I can disable the plugins, but I cannot delete the lists. The list shows different version of the file, but same file name so that I cannot delete the file. I attached the screen shot file with this message, so please check it. You suggested about "Softpedia" or other things, but It is too much for me now since I am a bigginer so far. I prefer step by step so that please comment after watching the screen shot. Thank you so much and I really appreciate your reply. /Nobu/
  11. Hi, I am a new CCleaner (ver. 4.01.4093) for windows7 user. I have a question about the CCleaner > Tools > Startup > [Firefox] tab. I see lots of plugins list in the screen and I want to delete some of them, especially old version plugins, but I cannot delete them by the right side of the screen Delete button. The Delete button is always gray color and it seems to be unactive. What is the problem and would you tell me how to delete unnecessary plugins in the list through the CCleaner? Thank you for reading! /Nobu/
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