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  1. neither does v.5.04.5151 in fact, in think chrome keeps changing their data folder? because i know this worked, i cleaned my pc many times, but this time when i fire up chrome, all the history is back, and i didn't even upgrade ccleaner so either something broke on it's own or chrome keeps changing their paths?
  2. first of all, i don't have a router, perhaps you see my isp's router's mac? and second, for the things i mentioned - i use mobile internet with usb gsm modems and a sim card and the way i understand it, this is not an ethernet device and hence does not have a mac address (is uses broadband dial up connection i believe). i checked because i wanted to spoof it and this is what i learned. anyways, i have this taken care of, i just need to clear all traces websites leave behind. thanks for help.
  3. i'm sorry but this is wrong... mac address aren't visible to websites. unless you're on the same local network.
  4. so what does this do exactly? will it clean all the **** websites leave on my computer? i need to be fully anonymous, like if I clean my pc and log in with another user - there must be no way the website could tell it's the same pc. can this ini do this? i have seen sneaky flash cookies not being clean by cc before unless i told it exactly what folder they are in. but i don't want to do that, because i don't know all the folder in windows where every other software places its files. thanks
  5. so if i have to add folders manually ... how do I know I added all of them? I don't want some sneaky website planting cookie and not even know about it. thanks
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