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  1. Thanks for replying. How would I go about creating a WInPE live CD? Would I just boot up from the live CD and then run recuva froma memory stick - or something like that? My laptop is running Windows 7 in case that matters.
  2. I've been asked by a friend to recover some files from his PC which were deleted (and cleared from the recycle bin) in error. I've told him not to boot up the PC just in case Windows starts overwriting some of the areas on the hard drive that the deleted files still occupy. For the same reason I think I would have to run Recuva from a boot CD to be on the safe side. Alternatively I guess I could remove the hard drive from the PC and somehow access it from my laptop which is running Recuva, and recover the files onto my laptop's hard drive. Is this possible, and if so do you know what s
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