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  1. So, from to put the S.O files for know, I must run de MS Winwos Defragmentation Program, right?
  2. Thanks a lot!! I think the only think that I would like Defraggler does is put the S.O files in the begin of the H.D and afeter those files, it'll put the most programs used by the user. I don't know, may be the Firefox files, or any browser, after that Office files, it's a suggestion offcourse . Something than complicated, it's possible???
  3. O.K, but Why Defraggler is better than MS Windows Defragmentation program?
  4. Well, offcourse they don't want, but, the Piriform developers can deduce the Algoritms, don't they?, In fact, I think they can read the original code, and learn how to defrag the S.O Files in the begin of the H.D Well, may be, it's possible, othe question, Why I must to use Defraggler and not MS Windows Defragmentation program?, Any reason?
  5. Why not the programmers make that Defraggler better than MS Windows Defragmentation program? I mean, Why don't let that Defraggler optimize the files and that it take into account prefetch files (layout.ini and .pf files)? I really love Defraggler, I really would like that it optimizate the O.S files from to the begin of the H.D. So, I ask you again, Why not?
  6. But, Defraggler don't do that for me?, Defraggler is better than Windows Defragmentation program, isn't it? In other things, i have some problemas with Defraggler. I tell defraggler that defrag the system in the Boot time, but I think it's not working, because the defraggler time is like 1 minute or less, it shows me: pagefile.sys in the drefragg files, but i don't think that it will take less than 1 minute, i think it should take more time, like 5 or 7 minutes at least.
  7. Hi, thanks a lot I have one more question. Is possible to put the O.S Files in the begin of the H.D with the Drefraggler?
  8. Hi i really tried to defrag this files, and get the O.S in the first part of my Hard Disk, How can i do that? Thanks a lot!!
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