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  1. Actually the purpose of all this was to be able to do a clean and restart using the following in the main file: %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 60 -c "Clean & Restart" This is something that CCleaner won't do, so I tried to come up with something myself. BTW I tested the double quote issue - it works fine either as is, viz. C:\"Program Files"\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe /AUTO or like this: "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /AUTO
  2. This is probably not relevant to the CCleaner forum as its not a CCleaner issue as such but I wondered if anyone has tried this. I'm trying to create a batch file to run CCleaner and then shutdown the PC. At the moment the code is as follows: Main file: SET BatPath=D:\AA_BACKUP\UserData\Batfiles call %BatPath%\RunCCleaner.bat %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 60 -c "This PC is being cleaned & will be shut down" The 'RunCCleaner.bat' is as follows: call C:\"Program Files"\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe /AUTO As you can see, the main file 'waits' 60 seconds before it invokes 'shutdown.exe'. The 60 second wait was just trial and error, and it works, but I'd like it to be a bit more sophisticated in that I'd like the shutdown.exe to be invoked when CCleaner has finished, rather than wait the arbitrary 60 seconds. I've tried using the following instead but I think that due to the way command line works, the wait switch is ignored: start /wait C:\"Program Files"\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe /AUTO This is where I've hit the wall. I'd really appreciate some help if it can be done. Thanks!
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