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  1. Hi, I submitted a previous post a couple of weeks back about CCleaner not clearing cookies/flash cookies in Chrome. I have noted over the last two days that it is not clearing my Chrome Internet History at all - I am having to clear it manually through Chrome. I have checked the Task Manager and restarted my PC again, then tried again but Internet History is still listed. Can anybody please advise - is this a current problem? Thanks Mike
  2. Hi, Posted this topic a couple of days ago - yet no one seems able to resolve it. CCleaner DOES NOT clean flash cookies from Chrome. Can anyone come up with a solution or is this something which is beyond Piriform? Thanks
  3. Hi Andavari, yes I checked - and kept Task Manager open as I opened CCleaner. It showed up in the list and I closed CCleaner and it cleared from Task Manager with nothing else showing open from CCleaner. I have since done anothe clean and cookies etc still remain. Would it be safe to include the files/sub-folders/folder itself' option in 'Include' as I asked? Nothing else seems to work at all. Thanks once again.
  4. Hi, I have two questions if anyone can help or advise. I have Vista and the latest versions of CCleaner and Chrome. After I have used CC at the end af the day, I note that cookies (the ones I have elected to keep in CC) are there and other flash cookies that I do not want. The only way to clear these cookies is manually via the Chrome settings. I read an article the other day about this which gave instructions about pitting the Folders of Macromedia Flash Player/Shared Ojjects etc and Macromedia Flash Player/Macromedia.com etc into the 'Options - Include' page and the File of Macromedia/Flasg Player/Macromedia.com/Support/Flashplayer/Sys etc into the 'Exclude' in options. In addition, you check the 'custom files and folders' in the advanced section on the main page. I carried out a clean and found that the cookies in Chrome (including Flash cookies) were all still there! In the instructions for placing the files and folders in the Include/Exclude, at the bottom it gives you the option to leave it as 'Files Only' - or a drop down menue offers 'Include files and subfolders' and 'Include files and subfolders and the folder itself' When I cleaned with CC I left it as default on 'Include files only' Would anyone know if I would cause problems if I selected any of the other two options to try and clear the flash cookies? Apologies for long winded question - cannot find the answer anywhere at all. My quick second question (honest) is should the box 'temp files* under Saved Passwords in Chrome be checked or not? Mine has always been unchecked. Thanks again for any help or advice. Mike :-)
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