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  1. The screenshot from IDS WAS taken after the re-start subsequent to using CCleaner. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.
  2. This screenshot from Index.dat Suite was taken AFTER having run CCleaner. As you can see, the newer "index.dat" files created by IE8 are NOT being deleted. Is there anyone else seeing this, or is it being worked on? Pete
  3. I have a Memorex USB 2.0 2GB flash drive. I know I can put the installer on there (which I have), but I was wondering if I could actually INSTALL Recuva on the flash drive and then use it on any computer I plugged into to scan the drives on that computer. IOW, is the program portable? Pete
  4. spy1

    New Beta Version

    I don't know if it makes any difference, but I finally spotted the beta and just now loaded it over the top of the version I had. Works fine here. Love the way you can re-order things simply by clicking its' column header. Pete
  5. spy1

    Bug Kinda..

    I like it the way it is because it lets' me know that Eraser - and all my "junk file" programs that feed Eraser - are working properly. The Recuva program works extremely well here just the way it is - and it's blindingly fast compared to either of the other two programs I've previously used (RecoverMyFiles and FileRecover). The only real question I have is why would the "Comments" section say "No overwritten clusters detected" ? Trust me, everything that was deleted got over-written. Am I just mis-understanding the wording? At any rate - great job! Pete
  6. Never occurred to me before last night, but now I'm wondering if browsers that block pop-ups keep a list of those sites? FE, I use IE and FireFox here, both of which are set to automatically block pop-ups. Do they log that somewhere? If so, where? And do those lists - if they exist - ever get cleared? Pete
  7. Let's suppose you get served with a "Cease & Desist" notice from your ISP due to a complaint by either the RIAA or the MPAA. As a precautionary measure, you erase any and all possibly actionable material from your computer (files themselves, IOW). Subsequently, either the RIAA or the MPAA take you to court, seizing or having your computers' contents copied to prove their case. To prove their case, they either have to find the down-loaded files they claim you have, or they have to find evidence that those files were on your computer. Three or four of the LimeWire files I mentioned will provide exactly that - your d/l history, your search history and your sharing history. Erasing those files is simply a step in a series of steps that provide you with "plausible deniability" in the above scenario. Note that a number of "laws" have either been passed or are being considered that make all this the purview of the F.B.I, also ( http://news.com.com/FBI+director+wants+ISP..._3-6126877.html ).
  8. Might want to let people know that a quick way of "clearing" things is to add the items in the screenshot to Eraser for "On-Demand" cleaning (this does not, of course, include any files you've decided to keep). (View some of those with TextView sometime). Every item on the list gets re-created anew - empty - after erasure, and the erasure process itself doesn't affect program operation (of course, you don't erase any of that stuff while the program is running). (Assuming, of course, that CC isn't going to add this option anytime soon).
  9. Oliver - I see your point. The two accounts on here are both administrative accounts - I don't use a "User"-level account. So CC was already doing all it was going to do (sorry I missed that). Pete
  10. I don't understand what you're asking me. My "testing environment" is my SOHO computer (non-networked). Do you mean I should re-run the tests using only CCleaner? Pete
  11. Okay, I'm going to have to wait a couple of days and then try it again. IdS only found 7 to clean this time around in both "Safe" and "Normal" mode. Pete *However, I do find it interesting that at this point, IdS is still finding more index.dat's to clean than CC (see screenshots of where I just ran both programs), although I never delete the one in red as it causes problems if you do.
  12. I don't know if this will help or not, but I took some screenshots after doing my regular "cleaning" stuff. The timeline was like this: Did all my cleaning programs (CCleaner, CleanCache & Index.dat Suite). Took a screenshot of the results in IdS after the re-start. Re-started the computer in "Safe" mode and ran IdS again, screenshotted the results right then. (Didn't work in "Safe" mode, my screen capture program, that is). Re-started the computer again back into Normal Windows, ran Ids again and screenshotted those results. I'm not seeing any difference in the size of the index.dat's from one stage to the other, regardless of whether I was in "normal" Windows or "Safe" mode. What I did see (but which I can't show you because of the failure of my screenshot program in "Safe" mode) is that IdS found 11 not 9 index.dat's while in "Safe" mode. I'll try to go back into "Safe" mode and see what the other two were, perhaps "Save" them somehow, so I can at least give you the path and examine their contents with TextView. Pete BTW, before I go into safe mode, I ran CCLeaner again. This screenshot is of what it finds to clean. Pete
  13. Caution! - The "first-and-last" 2k (quick) erase option in the latest version of Eraser (5.8) has caused many people serious problems. Make a full back-up of your computer (on another drive or removable media) before attempting to use it! Pete
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