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  1. Thank you both. I appreciate the help TDL
  2. Hi, Please advice me on the following questions. When I run "Cleaner" is the deleted data over written? If so how many times? Does it more securely clean data if I use "clear free space on drive" in tools after running "Cleaner"? In other words please tell me how to use CCleaner to do the most effective job of cleaning my hardrive of sensitive in formation Hope you can help
  3. After doing a file clean it shows that it has removed 11.5 MB but after using Recuva all the files seem to be available to view. Please help
  4. Thank you Kroozer. I tried Recuva and it came back with masses of files. I was able to recover some. This is after running CCleaner. I used CCleaner again in a three pass overwrite but after running recova I still see a lot of jpeg files but it states that "no preview is available". I"m still not sure if these files are recoverable after using CCleaner.
  5. I understand that CCleaner will delete specified files e.g. IE temporary files so that they cannot be recovered. Also it will clean the free disc space so that any remenants of previously deleted files cannot be recovered. Please tell me if there is a way that I can verify that this is being done.
  6. How can I verify that CCleaner is working as it should
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