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  1. Hi there, just watched CCleaner take 15 minutes to delete Windows.old which seems to go file by file by file... Why not speed up the process by executing something like: del /f/s/q foldername > nul //quick delete of files rmdir /s/q foldername //remove directory and structure regards Zaphod
  2. Hello Piriform, I have evidence of the problem can you please can you tell me where to place the files for your attention. Note that there is personal identification data in the JPGs. Removing it would remove the effectiveness of the evidence. Also a separate problem I noticed when trying to collect the evidence. When running CCleaner 4.01.4093 x64 with /debug... there is no message to say it is in debug mode even though the file is created. regards Seán
  3. CCleaner 4.01 not cleaning Office 2013 recently used items Version of office (word for example is) Word 2013 (15.0.4481.1508) MSO (15.0.4481.1001) 32 bit Product ID ********************** (edited out) This is MS Office 365 ProPlus thanks and regards Seán
  4. Hi there, with all settings set, excluding Wipe all free space, CCleaner does not clean up IE10 download list. Easy to reproduce Download in IE10, using IE10 download manager, wait till it completes, In IE10 open Download List (cntrl+J) Download info present Close List and IE10 Run CCleaner Open IE10, then open Download List (cntrl+J) AH-HA - Documents are still there...when they shouldn't be... Environment: Windows 7 x64 Fully patched CCleaner 4.01.4093 Thanks and regards Seán
  5. Hi Guys, I already use CCleaner and Defraggler to great effect but the workflow is a little annoying... What I would like to do is CCleaner Defraggler Wipe Free space and not CCleaner Defraggler CCleaner Wipe Free Space Especially when I have Defraggler running over night. Would it be possible (pretty please) to add Wipe Free Space to Defraggler (with necessary options) such that once a defrag is complete Defraggler then goes into the Wipe Free Space automatically therefore closing a little annoyance? After all Defragging takes time, WFS takes longer but overnight is when it would be fantastic to do both, automatically. Many thanks in advance Best regards The two headed one...
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