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  1. So everytime I've ran wipe free space I feel like its never taken more than 2 hours/3 tops. I ran it yesterday and it ran for about 12 hours and it just got past MFT part and only got 12 percent in but my gpu crashed randomly and I had to reboot. I deleted the files it left in root and reinstalled it because of how long it took I thought something was corrupt, so I ran it again and 7 hours later its still only on the MFT part. I'm running it manually through tools this time I usually do it through cleaner part I dont know if thats it, but is there a reason its taking so long now?
  2. So I just updated to the latest ccleaner and when I went to try to disable some things from startup that popped up from new updates/installs I got this error message failed to enable/disable startup item:access is denied. Any suggestions how to fix it? oh and I'm on Windows 7 if it matters.
  3. Hi even though I have system restore points excluded, I still have system volume information come up when I scan with defraggler. Is this a reason for this happening and is there a another way to have it now show up?
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