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  1. in re :- (to Keatah) That's a pretty serious flaw in CCleaner if that happens. If = yes; twice in 2 days; 'nonce' since I removed ccleaner Is this mac or pc? PC And where was the "iTunes Library.itl" file located? What path? I can & will answer this when I get home from work tomorrow (24-hour in-house call)...but it was the default location itunes choose with the itunes (latest version,11 I think)... it'll be on the default 'c' drive; so itunes = default location on 'c' drive; music itself in a self-designated folder on 'd' drive What o/s? WIn7 64-bit Home -professional What version of ccleaner? latest download What version of iTunes? latest download (11I think) to 'Winapp2.ini' 'Vanilla CCleaner doesn't touch iTunes as far as I am aware' actually (believe me when I say unfortunately) it does; that's exactly what I've written about; and I'm not the 1st (as I referenced in my commentary) to Andavari: I appreciate learning the option of protection I really do. personally I think ccleaner should be made to not remove itunes files; isn't that a do-able thing rather than have people indivdually have to remember to protect against that? You know by defualt the installation check is to run ccleaner on installation; what if someone does that after an update before 'self-protecting' by having to choose that option? I mean what if it chooses to delete other unecessary itunes files?; what if one updates to a new ccleaner and forgets to re-create that option,and on 1st run deletes/corrupts the necessary itunes library files? As angry & frustrated as I am having to go thru an entire library recreation (not to mention the time it took to discover this obscure ccleaner causality) what if it had been some program more important to one's life than itunes? I just think (call me ignorant or innocent,I humbly submit to both descriptions) that this is a glaring,glaring flaw,that so so many know of it,that the flaw has evidently been complained about for awhile (even if new to tsome on this particular forum) and can be easily fixed by the company...am I missing something here? A program should not make choices to delete itunes files; is it not that simple? to Keatah again:- I do not know enough computer-eze to understand what you wrote on your 2nd post; are you verifying what I've posted...or something else? I sure hope...for your sake...you didn't mimic my experience and screw-the-pooch! thank you to all. eric
  2. 4/17 Hey, First time on the forum. I Love...correct that, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOved Ccleaner but will ,with great regret,need to stop using it. There is a bug which though small in nature, is huge for me, in that it'll take about 10 hours of time to fix...i know I've put in 2 hours already. If you're iTunes library resides on a secondary drive then ccleaner may choose to delete/corrupt the file that identifies the songs in your library. Period. And even though my secondary drive is an internal "D" drive that's exactly what ccleaner (in its latest downloadable form) choose to do. Its written about all over the internet...if you do a Google serach for "ccleaner.... itunes.....library ...deleted?".postings of such are years old in fact if you go to this very site its been described in 2011 (!) ...and yet with only one disbelieving reply,no fix,and no other commentary. You know in this day and age of many folks having SSD drvies for their 'C' drive,thus limited in size, and increasingly large & larger music libraries my configuration of keeping my music files on a 'D' drive is not that all unusual. It also seems to me the fix would be incredibly simple...for ccleaner to just NOT delete itunes labeled or itunes created files....wouldn't that be simple? I'm going to miss CCleaner alot; I think its a great program. But I proved it to myself with flawless logic...i ran the ccleaner,it corrupted the file that identifies one's library down from about 10,000 to 12 songs, I uninstalled iTunes,reinstalled it, added about 50 songs/abums,ran ccleaner again,& it did it again! And as I said,an internet Google search of "ccleaner.... itunes.....library ...deleted?" verifies this keeps happening to many? ericjmz
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