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  1. in re :- (to Keatah) That's a pretty serious flaw in CCleaner if that happens. If = yes; twice in 2 days; 'nonce' since I removed ccleaner Is this mac or pc? PC And where was the "iTunes Library.itl" file located? What path? I can & will answer this when I get home from work tomorrow (24-hour in-house call)...but it was the default location itunes choose with the itunes (latest version,11 I think)... it'll be on the default 'c' drive; so itunes = default location on 'c' drive; music itself in a self-designated folder on 'd' drive What o/s? WIn7 64-bit Home -professional
  2. 4/17 Hey, First time on the forum. I Love...correct that, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOved Ccleaner but will ,with great regret,need to stop using it. There is a bug which though small in nature, is huge for me, in that it'll take about 10 hours of time to fix...i know I've put in 2 hours already. If you're iTunes library resides on a secondary drive then ccleaner may choose to delete/corrupt the file that identifies the songs in your library. Period. And even though my secondary drive is an internal "D" drive that's exactly what ccleaner (in its latest downloadable form) choose to do. Its
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