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  1. Win10 10586 64bit WMIprvSE.exe in TaskManagers processes jumps to 21% cpu with both speccy portable 32 & 64bit here. CPU fan kicks on and temperature rises. Certainly wouldn't want to run it full time but it seems ok for a quick look at things.
  2. Lenovo G570 - 4334 Laptop i5-2410m Speccy shows about 30F higher than other cpu core temp monitors... SSD temps seem fine. Speccy: 1.28.709 (64bit) Manufacturer LENOVO Model Base Board Product Name (CPU1) Version Lenovo G570 Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Sandy Bridge, HM65 mobile express Chipset Revision 05
  3. On my laptop sxs event id 78 Activation context generation failed for "C:\Anyfile\ccleaner\CCleaner.exe".Error in manifest or policy file "" on line . A component version required by the application conflicts with another component version already active. Conflicting components are:. Component 1: C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\x86_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.9926.0_none_2203b4f072dcfff0.manifest. Component 2: C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\amd64_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.9926.0_none_da567e195e60d6ea.manifest. Started with win10 build 9926 install so I just switched to ccleaner portable and the above error continues.
  4. Hmmm... strangely I had same problem a week ago. Nothing I could do would fix it including reinstalling fresh. Fix on my laptop was remove battery and hold the power button a while then force the power-on reset with and without battery. Basically bleed all residual voltages out of the capacitors and let the thermals all reset to ambient temps. Then in my case, Broadcom n wireless adapter started working after much effort with the original drivers and reinstalling chipset drivers, all the board drivers.
  5. ​Installed CCleaner earlier today and used it a couple times, then just used it again and it seemed to freeze me up.... Win10-9879 x64 ​see attached copy of event... seem to have trouble typing here in this site. ​ ​ seems to generate the event error every time its run.​ ​ CcleanerEvent.txt
  6. I read about the bottom check box for Active Monitoring - for the paid version you get options to run clear cache/cookies/etc at browser closing. It pops a message box to manually do it or a message bubble if you set to automatically do it. But what the heck does it do for the free version. Actively monitor our surfing for advertising ? CCleaner told me a new version was available.. then it automatically went to FileHippo for the download/install which gave me the same version I had installed a few days ago. Then I went somewhere else that I cant mention for a link to download it directly from piriform. I don't like to download from anywhere but the source program maker - its odd, I do remote desktop to other countries and they all have the option to download direct from piriform, but usa doesn't seem to have that option anymore.
  7. I unchecked the active monitoring and the ccleaner icon disappeared from the system tray & task monitor details in win8.1 pro 64 I understand the half gig system monitor check box - but - Just what is Active Monitoring ? Monitoring what ?
  8. CCleaner isn't cleaning up IE10 as much as I think it should. wondering if there is a reason or I have something odd going on, When you enable the Protected Mode on the Security tab - IE10 is then using 64bit browsing is my understanding and tries to keep some things more secure. When in that protected mode it starts sending most IE cache to a different paths than just the default named Temporary Internet Files . I've added into CCleaners Options / Include a couple paths in mine .. "C:\Users\mike\AppData\Local\Packages\windows_ie_ac_001\AC\INetCookies" , where the bulk of the cookies seem to go on mine. "C:\Users\mike\AppData\Local\Packages\windows_ie_ac_001\AC\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore" , xml cookies ? CCleaner picks up the packages path for INetCach.. the temp files when protective mode is enabled, but not the cookies.
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