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  1. CC is showing me a new item for deletion I never saw before. It's called bcache22.bmc, and it's more than 20MB. Its full path in my Win 7 Pro 64-bit is C:\Users\[My Name]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache\bcache22.bmc . It has something to do with Windows - Remote Desktop. Should I delete? What is this? Thanks.
  2. Hey - everyone - can we return to the topic - Why does speccy sometime show the wrong product key for the MS OS? As I wrote, I like speccy and would like to know why this problem exists, given that Belarc and JellyBean don't have any problems.
  3. Juha - I just noticed the same thing on my newly purchased and configured (and now fully updated) Dell Optiplex 7010 with Win 8 Pro 64-bit. Speccy shows a Win 8 product key different from the product key shown by Belarc Advisor and Jelly Bean Magic Key Finder. Dear Piriform - why is this? I really like Speccy and the other apps, so I hope there's some interesting info here ... or a fix. Thanks.
  4. Hav0c - thanks for fast reply. Yes, I tried a startup entry with a shortcut link in the startup folder. No help. I have not yet tried a registry hack (or some kind of manual entry in Autoruns if that's even possible - is it?). But I'd prefer first to do it the "simpler," safer way and find out how to get Speccy started either through Task Scheduler or (as you mention) the Startup folder. Is there a missing "argument"? If you have the time, can you try to figure out the steps and microscopic settings to make this work in Task Scheduler? Task Scheduler has too many choices for "normal people". No matter how much I am forced to learn about Windows to prevent catastrophes, every iteration of Windows just gets harder and harder, and not at all better. I could make Task Scheduler work nicely in XP (after hours of fussing) but am stymied by the added complexity in Win 7. Why has MS made everything harder? You see my avatar icon here - it used to do situps, but now it's dead. If you ever see a pic of Bill Gates with a couple of black eyes, you'll know I finally had a chance to thank him properly for Win 7 and Word 2010. Thanks.
  5. Love speccy, including the 64-bit version for Win 7. But how do I make it an automatic startup program in my Win 7? So far, using task scheduler, I can get it running in the background when the PC starts - it shows in task manager as a running process - but there's nothing showing on my display. Is there an argument that will make it show normally? And should I have it run at startup or when any user logs on? Please let me have all the tricks, as I'm new to Win 7. Thanks.
  6. Speccy is very nice - thanks to Piriform. To get Graphics temperature back, I de-updated back down to version 1.10. By the way, Speccy shows my ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro is running at 60° C. Is that OK?
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