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  1. Yeah its always good to know that you have more than one key to open the closed door. Partition Wizard was very fast in my case with the quick search, it took some minutes to analyse and few seconds to repair (my H: partition is 540 GB with half of it free !) That idea of renaming volumes with relevant names is excellent, I never tought to do it, but now you did mention it I will do it right away
  2. @ hazelnut I didnt know about hiren's CD, this can be a life saver, Thank you very much for the tips =D @ hazelnut Aha so Partition Wizard made it easier for you by just repairing the damaged partition table instead of having to backup all data which would take some time, and yeah as always the only thing you didnt backup is where the fail occurs xD Again thank you both for your kind help, much appreciated
  3. @ Alan_B 4 partitions O_O wow that should have been freaked you out ! good thing you haven't lost any data. My recovered partition was NTFS but I did a Chkdsk anyways, found some errors but seems important things are safe @ hazelnut how do you use partition wizard if windows cannot boot ? that would be very useful indeed.
  4. Hello again. I used the Partition Recovery Wizard as you suggested and it worked perfect, data is still there, I just needed to reactivate the partition and reassign to it its usual letter on the disk management tool on windows control panel. At the end of the day I learned my lesson: Never ever abort a defrag procedure. Thanks you very much Alan_B for your help
  5. Thanks Alan_B for the reply, I will try this, will update on the situation when it's done
  6. Hello First of all sorry for my english i'm not perfect at it So, yesterday i started a defrag for my H: partition, but then I decided to abort it, today when I switched on my computer this partition is no longer showed on windows, so I installed Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition and this partition have no letter and is shown as Unallocated, I believe data still there but I dont know how to recover the partition. Any help would be welcome, thank you.
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