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  1. Working! Thank you so much for the support. Do you think chrome portable custom location will be fixed in the future? If not, no problem. Just curious.
  2. Yeah, that is correct. Sorry about that. Interesting, something must have changed in recent versions of Chrome (the portable version at least) I do see that the changelog shows v24 support so I might limited to using that version. The problem is when I try to install it, I get the following error : I even tried putting http://dl.google.com...e_installer.exe next to the portable installer and even in the temp directory it creates but no go. I appreciate your help. Looks like it will be click & clean for now.
  3. Hi All, I've searched this forum and the google for a solution but nothing has worked so far. I've edited my settings.ini to detect portable versions of FireFox, ThunderBird and Opera which seem to work find but Google Chrome is not showing up on the list. Has something changed recently? This is the code I'm using : CustomLocation1=CHROME|C:\PortableApps\GoogleChrome\Data\profile\Default From I've researched, it should work like all the rest as long as the path includes the "profile" directory Looking at the changelog, support was added to v2.35.1219 on 25 Aug 2
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