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  1. I'm not sure, how do I know if it is active? Peer-to-peer (P2P)? / People Near Me? Is not shown in processes Task Manager. I search in C/Windows 'p2phost' and result is 0. Windows 8 X86, windows firewall disable, and firewall KIS (Kaspersky) 2013 active, homegroup network disable, public network active set. Capture image with details 'invalid firewall rule':
  2. I running the latest Yahoo! Messenger, and since I run the program V. 4 CCleaner, function Yahoo 'Insider' is not show. Does anyone know why?
  3. H€llo! Recommendation made ​​here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=38266 I love CCleaner since day 0 - vers. 1!
  4. Thanx for reply, and 'invalid firewall rule'?
  5. After fresh instal Windows 7 or 8, same things in registry cleaner - CC v.2, v.3 & now v.4, why?! Screenshots attach.
  6. OK, thanks for reply. (Advanced) Energy/Power Settings - function significance. Maximum battery life/power efficiency - I recomend 1 function, maybe this is neccesary on tablets, laptops, notebooks. Configure/Settings tools to improves battery life. Economy mode increases PC’s mobility, save money by reducing energy/power consum: CPU/wireless adapter energy saving etc, HDD standby. Windows power options can turn off many optimisations for save energy - sleep pc and other. I love CCleaner since vers. 1. All the best! P.S: sorry 4 my english.
  7. H€llo! I'm new user in this forum, from ROmania. I want to suggest something for a long time, in advanced controls maybe - mode 'Instances' with option Allow only one instance / Allow multiple instances... it is important. & + 1 option 'Always on top application' - enable/disable. Thank U. I love CCLEANer since vers. 1.
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