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  1. Nergal: Your question, "Does this still occur if you format the drive the attempt to wipe it" set me on the path to fixing my problem (Give your self a gold star). I used a bootable Super F Disc to check the old 250 gig Maxtor IDE HHD. After running Sup[er F Disc it reported that the partion was larger than the physical size of the drive, Don't under stand how that happened amd still allowed me to move all the exiting files to a larger HHD I had laying around. To fix the drive, I removed the MBR, made re-partioned the drive and re-formated (the program would only let me format Fat32) the drive. The CCleaner jumped all over the drive and ran the 3X wipe to perfection. First time I have done this and was supprised at how long it took. The old drive has been reformated to NTFS and is ready to be safely be given to a friend to replace as a replacement for his crashed hard drive in his computer. For my trouble I get his old drive to use a a test mule to try and learn how to recover information from an old damaged HHD. I hope the new task will be is as much fun as it has been in learning how to properly wipe a drive. I'm a disabled retired 65 year old with nothing better to do. Any suggestions on my next journey will be welcomed. Thanks to everone with there willingness to help an old Fart. hurleyc33
  2. WinApp2.ini: Yes I have write access. Just coppied small file to the (f) drive. Do not understand "in the disk portion of CCleaner". Iam using the latest version of the free CCleaner. Nergal: Drive is internal and is running fine. Do not know how to run CCleaner in debug mode. I assume it is part of the full version of CCleaner.
  3. I am the only user of my computer and have set up as an account administrator. I was using the Drive Wiper Tool. What is WFS Option?
  4. Using: win xp OS Latest version of CCleaner Problem: Was denied access while trying to wipe a storage disk (with no OS on drive). Why, Is there a work around? Your help will be welcomed Hurleyc33
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