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  1. So the bad mobo temp bug is back again, with Speccy v1.31.732 64-bit. Edit: Looking at previous posts, has this bug really had reports since Christmas? Are you all on holiday?
  2. Last night Microsoft forced me (with only 10 mins notice!) to update my Windows 10 Home 64-bit to version 1607, build 14393.187. I believe this is also called the "anniversary update"? A number of friends have posted that this update has caused them severe problems, so after it completed I have been checking my PC quite thoroughly. The only unusual thing I have noticed is that Piriform Speccy is reporting an abnormally high temperature for the motherboard system temperature. This is being shown at around 111degC. The temperature display was correct before the Win10 update. I tried reinstalling Speccy (v1.29.714) and alternating the options from 'metric C' to 'Imperial F' but this did not fix the problem. I have followed the advice in post #1 and updated my BIOS to the latest version, but again this has not helped. Manufacturer: ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. Model: H87-PLUS (SOCKET 1150) Version: Rev X.0x Chipset Vendor: Intel Chipset Model: Haswell Chipset Revision: 06 (BIOS now updated to version 2003, release date 15/10/2014) Thanks for any help you can give.
  3. I've just been informed that there's a new version of CCleaner free edition available, and along with the upgrade, I've been shown the options for CCleaner Professional and Business editions. On the product selection page, the price for the Pro version is shown as $24.95, reduced from $32.95. The price is shown as a one-time payment, with no time limit, and no mention of any extra fees. Clicking on the "Download" button for the Pro version takes you to the basket page, where the customer enters their order details and payment details, and again there is no mention of any time limit or extra fees. And yet on another CCleaner Pro page, there is a mention of a "1-year license". And looking at the actual license agreement for CCleaner Pro, section 4 "Update Services" mentions "applicable annual update fees and support fees for the relevant year". So what is the actual cost of CCleaner Pro? Is it just a simple one-time payment of $24.95? Or does that payment only last for one year? And if you need support for the Pro version, is it free, or are other fees applicable? Thanks for any clarification you can give.
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