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    shred file name

    Why doesn't recuva just include a file name erasure method?
  2. Personally IE7 with protected mode in Vista is great. However, Firefox offers two things that make me use it more: 1) Can turn off the Harddisk cache 2) Many more extensions.
  3. I recommend The newest version, the previous two "final" releases were too early. Just be sure to put the Defense+ on training mode for awhile, or you get popups just for breathing! Webroot is another good firewall with a decent HIPS component...but it has weird GUI glitches: can't "shift-select" or clear the firewall logs. PC tools firewall is ok, but I'd recommend the other two much more.
  4. I disagree on Defense+. If you put it in training mode for a couple of days, then you shouldn't have a problem.
  5. I just use keepass because it has a password strength tester. I think those password managers are great pieces of free software. You also have Password Safe.
  6. In the other security forums it really doesn't come down to whether to use a firewall or not, but is a "closed" port any worse than a "stealthed" port. Some security experts at Wilders and some guy working for AVIRA thinks that "stealth" is just a marketing gimmick started by people like "security evangelist" Steve Gibson. However, I know that if there are any flaws in the TCP/IP stack, a stealth would block scans trying to take advantage of it...so I am essentially confused and err on the side of at least turning on the Windows firewall...which is really all you need if you are very careful about what you download. But a good antivirus/antispyware I think is still needed for the average user. I also think those HIPS like threatfire are good too. Classical HIPS are just too damn hard, that you end up clicking everything anyway.
  7. When I download a torrent file, I am only sharing that particular file right? I download them to the "my documents" folder, and I wonder if I am sharing the whole folder? I am a little paranoid about a user breaking into my computer through this program in opera. Just in case you need to know, I am trying out the open suse and it is like 4 gigs! so a bittorrent is appropriate for that.
  8. As Chris Pirillo said, "all operating systems suck." The only reason why OSX has less problems is because less people use them. Personally, Steve Jobs rubs me the wrong way, he is too cagey about his stuff. I mean, OSX runs well, but he loves to egg on the mac cult. Linux is supposed to be better, but the same rule applies.
  9. Anybody know how to get around the "advanced reports" bug where you can't clear the entries? It's bugging the hell out of me.
  10. Here's a thought from a person I can't remember. Thesis: Since we continue to virtualize our world, who's to say our "real" world isn't virtualized either? In other words, the "virtual" world is a simulation of our "real" world, and our "real" world is a virtualization of our spirit world. Heavy stuff. Why do I at least give it a grain of salt? Have you heard a person scream while dying in World of Warcraft?
  11. Pfipps


    DSA from privacyware is a good (free) alternative that is similar to Mamutu. Webroot firewall has the behavior blocker built in anyway. Oddly, DSA appears to have a firewall built in that is similar to Window's (one way), unless security center thought my webroot firewall was still installed.
  12. Apparently, there is a problem with the signature for firewalls (they haven't been updated ....or something) anyway, firefox needs to be renamed to firefox2.exe, solved my problem anyway...don't quite understand it though. see here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.ph...549c878fe11b09d
  13. Who would have known your security and well being would hinge on "Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy," (IT people).
  14. This update is not working for me. didn't work either, but does. I am running comodo firewall and firefox wont even ask to connect.
  15. Pfipps

    Another tool?

    I wouldn't completely rely on CCleaner's secure deletion. It appears to have some bugs in it. It is probably fixed in the latest release. I just use eraser for highly sensitive files.
  16. I ended up returning the computer and getting a new one - I didn't want to wait for a HD on a computer I need to use now.
  17. Anybody know if there is password protection for the settings? isn't this a problem? Is there a way to customize what gets logged? and why doesn't privacyware have the Vista version too?
  18. It's true that Vista was underwhelming, but it is certainly not a repeat of Millenium. The biggest problem with Vista is that when people ask me about it, I can't give a good reason for upgrading besides UAC, process hardening etc (security), snazzy graphics, and IE protected mode...which isn't enough considering the hype, and price. With a new pc, there shouldn't be any problem, unless you are a gamer.
  19. I would recommend you download File Scavenger. On the Quetek website, look for the download link and find "For installation on a portable storage device" so you can just run that .exe file. If you are in Vista, righ click "run as administrator." Then you can run the deep scan that goes further than defraggler does. Besides that, you may need to send the hard drive to a recovery service, or have those people come down.
  20. I am running HD Tune on my Hitatchi hard drive "error scan - not quick mode," and hear intermittent clicks. Is this a problem? I heard the warning sounds from a hitatchi support web page but am not sure if 2-3 faint (audible - louder than the tiny, tiny clicks where you have to put your ear against the computer to faintly hear) clicks every 5-10 minutes is a problem. I am still under warranty, so I could swap the drive if needed - and have like 3 days left to return the whole pc (which is a pain, since it's all setup).
  21. Microsoft did it again - they finally added outbound protection and made it just hard/impractical enough that a user has to get third party software if they really want the extra protection. Good thing that decent security software can downloaded for free nowadays.
  22. 'As observant as I am, I notice that there is a check box to Enable Notification of Replies. I will uncheck this and not be bothered by any more replies, so don't waste your time with any further snide remarks." Hehe....while the check box is there, it isn't as explicit as this user would like it to be! Sheesh...at least its a Yahoo toolbar. I would understand the posters frustration if it was actually spyware.
  23. I have a pen that says "College Loan Corporation' that has a really funky smell. It bothered me so much that I stopped using it. Is it possible that the ink may have lead in it? or just cheap ink? Anyone?
  24. I am in windows vista home premium and see two instances of csrss.exe running. Both take about 1 meg of memory and both seem to be microsoft certified. However, the files themselves take about 7 KB. Is this normal? (Oops...apparently a quick google search wasn't enough before I posted this question. It is normal) "2 is actually the minimal number that's expected at anytime. 2 SYSTEM processes live per session for pretty much as long as each (TS) session exists (csrss.exe & winlogon.exe). There are at least 2 sessions at any time, session 0 for services, other sessions for interactive logons. There are more than 2 sessions when you use fast user switching or remote desktop." After searching microsoft's site.
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