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  1. Hi I'm running your latest version on xpsp3 with all patches Does your product clean the most recently run application list you can see when you click on the Start Menu popup on the left hand side of the screen. If I keep my system logged in and run several apps it is a real pain to have to remove these one at a time from the list. The pinned shortcuts are fine as are the start menu items. It's the most recently run application list that drives me nuts. many thanks!
  2. AWESOME!! Now if you can only figure out a way to set up an encrypted partition (HA) I will buy EVERYTHING from you guys.
  3. I have a samsung galaxy s2. I can mount the phone as usb storage. both the internal and external microsd cards show up. Can I use ccleaner on my xpsp3 laptop to wipe free space on my phone. Seems like a good thing to do. thanks in advance!
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