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  1. I updated my Speccy firmware to v1.21.491 but the program still doesn't display the GPU temp. My GPU is AMD Radeon HD 6670.
  2. Well, this morning I downloaded the new firmware update...v1.21.491 Speccy still doesn't show my GPU temp.
  3. I guess it would, but you would have to check with the engineers.
  4. I just checked my Speccy program. The product key # on the tag on the case of the PC is different from the serial # (is this product key #?) in the summary of operating system.
  5. Howdy ! I'm an old retired auto tech so here goes. We all know about ck eng light on our dash of our vehicles. Since PC Gaming (example Steam), video streaming, music files used everywhere in the home etc.....things are changing fast. Gaming consoles are fading away. Imagine two gamers (one in the UK & one in the US) are playing Black Ops II on Steam, multi-player, split screen.....and after about an hour the gamer in UK has an issue with his graphics card (example...heat sinks/fan covered with dust/lint) & the temp climbs above 60*C......his display/game starts lagging, video goes dow
  6. Thank you kroozer.....wow, that thread was back in Dec 2012. Don't want to complain though, program is wonderful & it was a free download. Now I figured out how to show all the past threads so I can read past threads. Changed the filter in Custom. Now I see the thread you gave a link too.
  7. I looked on Piriform site & couldn't find any info about what graphic cards it supports. So my guess is the program doesn't support my card. But I sure love having all the info on this one program though.
  8. Here is what is on my PC showing the temp & fan info:
  9. Howdy ! First I want to say this Speccy program is wonderful. I download the program yesterday 3-5. Thank Piriform for this great product. The only thing I wished the program would show is the temp/fan for my graphics card. My son is a heavy PC gamer (Steam). The program on summary has temps of cpu, motherboard, & hard drives. It does show everything including my graphis card but no temp. My system is: Windows 7 64 bit, Intel Core i5@290Gz, AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card. Its a desktop Dell XPS 8300 I can find the temp & fan% by going into my PC but it sure would be nice to have i
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