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  1. Where can I find these on my Apple iMac please? I already had a free CCleaner and upgraded on the 27 Feb , so CCleaner is still on the taskbar, but couldn't see the Defraggler ? And when you Post Options "follow this topic" doe's it not send you an email when any answers to my topic's ?
  2. I think I will have to try the Homeplug option, as we rent here on Crete and I don't fancy cables all around the house (dangerous) Can anyone point me to unbiased reviews of Homeplugs please? We do have telephone socket in all the rooms (does this HELP in any way? Thank you again folks
  3. This is so silly, we are in the EU and before we left the UK, I spoke with someone at thee BBC to discuss moving abroad and informed them the 2 things we would miss most in the UK is, family and the BBC. They informed me I could't buy a licence for abroad. We have a motorized sattelite, but no BBC 1 etc. We have been using "Get iPlayer Automator" but every things gone up the creek: possibly proxy problem ? (we have Apple products + M/S laptop) And we can look at "Film on.com" but progs to late to view, due 2 hours time difference. And the BBC have been saying they will change it so we can use the service for years !!!! And what's so annoying I have offered to pay for a licence etc., but they informed me it's a licencing agreement problem !!!! BUT WE ARE ALL IN the EU.!!!
  4. Thank you folks and now I'm really not sure what to pick
  5. It's a 100 sq. mt. house and we have an Apple iMac in one room and a M/S Laptop upstairs and a portable iPad and now a Seagate Go-Flex 3TB back up drive that we can see from anywhere.+ a Apple TV unit (streams to any TV) One site mentioned a "Homeplug" system could help ?
  6. Is this the same as a Proxy ? I'm English, but have to live on Crete, Greece as my wife's asthma much better here !!!!! Problem is though : I need to be able to download programmes from BBC iPlayer and it blocks me (ISP ?) What can I do to Sort this problem please ?
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