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  1. After a clean there are a lot cookies in shell:cookies\low... CCleaner latest version,windows 10 1607..
  2. IE 11 windows new build there is no way to keep cookies for your favorite websites or forums,simply not showing up in ccleaner. When not showing up,there is no way to keep them.... Old windows 10 this is working perfect....so ccleaner is not working good in windows 1607.... Here in europe you must accept cookies for every website,after a clean with ccleaner i dont have to accept cookies anymore. So its not cleaning..point.
  3. Yes same over here,it even wont delete cookies after a clean. No responese whatever on this forum....
  4. Windows 10 anniversary update 32 bit ,IE.latest ccleaner. Is skipping cookie cleaning,looking in shell:cookies\low the cookies are still there after a clean... In the new windows build cookies are *.cookie and the old build *.txt .Ccleaner in the old build works perfect....
  5. After the the Anniversary update it cleans nothing,no cookies showing up to keep..ie and firefox tested.
  6. 2 laptops 1 pc cookie cleaning is a mes,no cookies i can choose to keep.....WIn10 v1607 IE.
  7. WIn10 v1607 (anniversary update) ccleaner does not work anymore,not cleaning cookies..IE
  8. Same problem in windows 7 IE10 cookies are gone after 1 day.... Never had problems in IE 9..
  9. Hello working on windows 8 32 bit i want to save a few cookies. So i use ccleaner to save them , but after a restart i must login on every site a saved the cookies from. Using the latest version of ccleaner.. Thank you
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