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    Installing software, playing games, watching racing videos, reckless driving, giving important and reasonable suggestions to CCLEANER developers etc.
  1. Just wanted to ask you blokes that if I keep my laptop's built in camera and mic on but don't use it, does it gives the secret agencies a back door access to my online activities? and if yes then how do I stop it? How do you blokes as being a hat representative keep yourself to a minimum exposure? and what is a server bot, is it for real?
  2. Just want to say thanks to all the CCleaner team for making this awesome, small and yet very helpful System Utility software. I know that all you mates work hard as a team every day, solving from minor to major bugs, handling threads from other users, improving the program and bringing a newer version in less than a month. So, thank you guys for keeping the spirit and this forum alive and I as well as all the other users will keep supporting you guys with a lot of appreciation messages, posting bugs and posting new features to help improve this program. By the way, are you guys Black Hats, White Hats or Brown Hats?
  3. Ok, I've got another very simple solution, why not just add a simple empty box that says automatic shutdown, if a user needs the CCLEANER to automatically shutdown after cleaning then he could simply just click on that small empty box during the cleaning process and it would be tick marked and the CCLEANER would automatically create an entry in the scheduled task section and after the cleaning the CCLEANER would automatically shutdown without any compromise. The IOBIT's ADVANCE SYSTEM CARE and BLUESPRING's JETCLEAN has the same thing. You should check it out
  4. Ok if that's the case then why not add the button in the CCleaner's interface before the run ccleaner button or how about when you click the run ccleanr button then a message popups that says "automatically shutdown computer after cleaning with yes and no option and below that you can tickmark the option do not show this message again. You can then restore it back by going in the advanced setting and clicking on the option that says "always show automatically shutdown computer after cleaning"
  5. Thanks for the reply but why not also add automatically shutdown computer after cleaning in the CCLEANER'S advance setting just below the automatically close program after cleaning in the next upcoming version of CLEANER
  6. I really really need an automatic shutdown after cleaning in Ccleaner's upcoming version please!
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