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  1. Thanks You all, friends, for these adviceses and for the next ones to come. Yes, they seem wise and complete, maybe i don't really need those AVG options, after all.... I like the way Alan_B suggests me to trick the program, but it appears again at the speed of light after erasing........ . See You next time!
  2. Hi, I am a newbie here, with a question about a problem. I have a .txt fie in "C:\Users\bubu\AppData\Local\Temp" folder, and I noticed it increases size more and more as I use the computer, called "toolbar_log". I read on the Web that some Pc users had lots of space used by it, until 2 Gb and more! Some suggests that it should be related to AVG Secure Search element or AVG Security toolbar, can't remember exactly now. CCleaner shows me the file in the cleaning window, but can't clean it or erase it,even after a long time. Erasing it manually from the folder, it immediately appears again,with a little size, increasing. Ccleaner can't erase it from the bin, even if I try to give it another name in the temp folder before erasing manually. I tried with the program " Eraser ", and I managed to erase it from the bin. Any suggestions about how to make Ccleaner, that is one of my favourite programs, to solve the problem? Maybe someone could suggest the Piriform staff to improve the program under this point of view? Thanks a lot for answering, I am italian,so excuse me for errors writing this thread. Oh, by the way, also the other files in the screen shot image couldn't be erased as well. Why? Ok, really stop now .-)FreeScreenVideoRecorderImage.BMP
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