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  1. For Mac users additional advice would be to run Time Machine backup before doing anything then you can restore if need be. Second the Disk Utility for wiping free space is just as good really and like with Outlook for Mac whose sync is a 3rd party 'bridge' which doesn't work well at all. Most programs that mimic Windows PC applications find they have to use a 'bridge' to some Apple proprietary software/hardware... which is not a knock on CCCleaner - it's just the way it is. Third in Finder to find hidden files click on GO while holding down the Option key (Lion and MLion) to see the Library and then be oh so careful. Really if you can boot then use Disk Utilities, under apps, to 'verify' the disk (could take a long time), start with the partition and if that's okay go on to the actual hard drive. If it finds errors then follow the instructions to boot to Recovery mode choose Disk Utilities from there and run repair. Use Disk Utilities to verify and repair 'permissions' which are often the real culprit. There are also utilities in the Mac app store like Daisy Disk, or others that would most likely find the large hidden 'temp' files for you. Another option is at http://apps.tempel.org/FindAnyFile/ which can search for invisibles and sizes, etc. I use both Windows PC's and Mac/iphone besides curling. Brenda
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