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  1. Easy Clean runs analyze in 40+ seconds vs 7- Seconds using custom clean. Dave McNeil Today at 16:06 Easy Analyze takes 40 sec to complete while Custom Analyze only takes 7 sec on the same data. Why is this since all options I have checked the same.
  2. The "Auto positioning" stopped working after version
  3. Sorry about the double entry...I'm now at Version 4 using Win7 and the curser still remains on the "Run Cleaner Button" after clicking. I have a dual boot, (two hard drives), system; XP and Win7. I keep the older version ,(, on the Win XP system which seems to discover the same clean items as ver 4 and is much quicker. The only place in Windows where this could be is the registry or, during the rewrite and re-compile the prior bit to move the curser was not set. I can't complain since I'm using the "free" version, but have considered the upgrade if this small item is restored.
  4. The auto positioning of the curser in the "Verification Window", (OK/Cancel) after clicking "Run Cleaner" was removed in later version of CCleaner. Please put it back or at least make it an option.
  5. After upgrading to CCleaner 3.24 when selecting "run cleaner" the mouse pointer no longer automatically positions its self in the "Verification Window". I personally miss this feature from my original version, which removes the additional step of physically moving the mouse and pointer to the "OK" in the verification window. I normally run the cleaner twice to clear the main window which still contains the cleaned data. Is there a registry setting that will restore this feature?
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