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  1. I have a Dell website server with over 150 customers. It is running 2003 Server SP2 with a 300GB RAID. It arrived from Dell with a 12Gb C: partition, and a 280GB D: partition.Over the years it has accumulated over 2.2 GB of "$hf_mig$/KBxxx" folders. This is causing my C: storage to reach critical diminishing point and I in deparate need of good ideas because shutting down 150 customers while you spin up a server with more capacity in not really an option. Yes, I have read all the Microsoft "expert" articles, but they are all conjecture and say "disk space is so cheap, just upgrade". Disk is cheap, but over a hundred grumpy time-critical customers are not. This is an expensive issue, and I am sure shared by many other website server companies. I found a great article on $hf_mig$ files and folders at www.pagestart.com/hfmigpart1.html which better describes how some these folders and files can be safely be deleted as they are redundant. I think cCleaner should investigate this. I know it might free up another GB or so. I already have aged off all the $NtUninstallKXxxxx and KBxxxx/update/update.exe files per this website. I wish I could contact the website author-expert! In addition I note the KBxxxx-IE8 updates are about 60MB each - it would seem that this size indicates a "reload whoile program" method if updating, rather than "hot fix" application. Any what have any KBxxxx-IE7 updates at all??? Any help appreciated, and please contact me privately at duncan at air base 1.com - concatenated of course.
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