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  1. This is a Speccy discussion so I really don't want to cause an issue by talking about CCleaner, however, I have just had a hellish couple of days trying to upgrade a Win7Pro laptop to Win10. The laptop hung on reboot and has turned out to be unrecoverable (I'm having to reinstall from a Win10 ISO). The very last thing I did was install CCleaner. I've been using it for years, I did not (and never have) use the registry tool. I just used it for basic cleaning and had Active Monitoring on as this is the suggested workaround for CCleaner starting slowly in Win10. So, yes, I'm jumping to conclusions and yes, I could be wrong but when catastrophe happens I always backtrack to the last thing I did - as above, and the laptop was running fine up to that point. Feel free to move this post to the right thread - I only posted here in response to 'DeliciousSalad's post above. Unless someone restores my confidence I will not be reinstalling either CCleaner or Speccy and I'll be removing the former from the laptop I'm using now.
  2. I'll join in - Dell XPS13 running Windows 10. Speccy is unusable, causes the same issues as already described. Any news on an update for Win 10 64 bit?
  3. Solved. I exported winapp.ini to check where CCleaner was looking, It was two well hidden registry entries.
  4. I installed Handbrake earlier today and then uninstalled it completely including manual removal of ALL directories created on installation. Also checked the registry but CCleaner stubbornly lists Handbrake under Applications. Is it possible to find out where CCleaner is 'pointing' for that entry? No uninstaller I've tried helps either. Thanks.
  5. Hi, With the release of Chrome Stable 64 Bit for Windows - 37.0.2062.102 unknown-m (64-bit), nothing appears in the 'Google Chrome' section of Tools | Startup. Entries for Chrome under 'Cleaner' seem to be OK however. Thanks.
  6. Hi, There is a setting in 'Clear Browsing Data' within the built in Chrome history cleaner called 'Clear data from hosted apps'. Is there a way of adding this to CCleaner? Thanks.
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