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  1. You could solve the issue by not running a registry cleaner at all, as it causes more issues than it solves.
  2. Not sure what you mean, but since I've uninstalled Bitdefender the issue hasn't occurred. It is an issue with Bitdefender. Always occurs with .iso, .zip and .exe file types.
  3. I contacted Bitdefender Support, they suggested I do a Repair. Up until now, I have had no issues. I will edit this post if I find out otherwise later. Until then, this issue is considered resolved. Issue is still unresolved.
  4. Good thing is, now I know I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. Unless anyone else has any advice, I guess I should go to Bitdefender Support.
  5. When cleaning with multiple passes, CCleaner picks a certain file, then Windows will hang. It will display that it is deleting the file, when I click 'Cancel' or try to close CCleaner, it will stop responding, and the two choices I'm left with are force shutdown / reboot. I've not tried cleaning without multiple passes. At first, I thought this issue would only occur when attempting to delete compressed file folders in the Recycle Bin. Then I tried to clean Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and System (w/o Recycle Bin) and Windows hung again. I have tried disabling Windows services in msconfig besides security. This issue only began when I installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2013. When using Bitdefenders File Shredding tool (A program that deletes select files with a single pass) it would also fail to delete the files CCleaner did, but it wouldn't hang Windows.
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