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  1. Isee - thank you. That looks like something I will have to read. I did see something interesting in the beginning of the article, something about cleaning Adobe Image Ready. I remember back when I first bought Adobe Photoshop I realized that it kept records of everything it viewed. Again, not a great idea for confidential files. I did go on the Adobe forums for a while but no one seemed to be able to say how to erase tracks of images Photoshop had opened. In any case reading and using the article you referenced looks like a whole day affair for someone with my limited experience. I will have to find a day!
  2. Is the above something that one would copy & paste into the "Include" section of CCleaner?
  3. Thanks, Nergal ! I hope you are corrrect. I would imagine WORD 2016 is out of beta as I paid for it. I would have hoped that a program that saved a record of what documents one opened would have an option to shut down that feature, but if WORD 2016 has such an option, I haven't found it yet. I guess then it isn't the presence of the Office 2013 trial although I may just delete the 2013 trial anyway. So I will await the next version of CCleaner. And let me thank everyone at CCleaner for providing this product for our use. Seeker
  4. I have a question regarding using CCleaner to remove usage tracts in Microsoft WORD. I just installed CCleaner in a new computer running Windows 7. The computer contains a free trial of Microsoft OFFICE 2013 that I have not activated. I then downloaded and installed a paid, standalone Microsoft WORD 2016. In the Applications drop-down CCleaner sees OFFICE 2013 but does not see WORD 2016. I want to clean WORD 2016. Specifically, I want to clean the section where when you click "OPEN", it lists all the files you have recently opened. I don't want a list of the files I have recently opened present on my computer. Questions: (1) Can CCleaner clean this list in WORD 2016? (2) Why does CCleaner not detect WORD 2016? Do you think if I delected the free trial of OFFICE 2013 it would help CCleaner recognize WORD 2016?
  5. It's a personal computer - I can do what I wish on it. I have not tried to disable the stored photos but it appears that this would accomplish nothing as they are stopred anyway and not shown until the feature is reactivated. This seems like a major flaw in Photoshop in that one keeps permanent records of work performed. Again, at my level of knowledge I am very wary of tinkering with the Registry. I an beginning to fear that there is no way at all to stop saving records of past work. - Seeker
  6. AVAST finds RegShot "suspicious" but allowable. I wonder if there is another way I can use CCleaner to remove Usage Tracks from PhotoShop Elements 10. Does anyone have any other ideas ?
  7. That Reg Shot is a pretty small download - 155Kb. I'll give it a try over the weekend when I am at the computer that has Photoshop installed. I'll see if it can tell me where the registry changes are after I load & edit a photo on Photoshop. You'd think that in the year 2013 that your average photo-editing program would include a simple way to erase usage tracks.
  8. Hmmmm.... It sounds like this is not going to be as easy as erasing your average other usage tracks. I always find altering the Registry scary. I will be back at the computer in question (the one I use Photoshop on) in a few days. Hopefully in the interim, some quicker & easier solution will present itself. If not, I will download the program Alan suggests. Thanks, Alan, Nergal and Nodles!
  9. How do I erase Photoshop usage tracks with CCleaner? Windows 7. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 on my computer. Usually CCleaner lists all programs it can erase in the Applications checklist. It does indeed list Adobe Acropbat 10.0 & Adobe Reader 10.0 in Applications > Applications. It also lists Adobe Flash Player in Applications > Multimedia. There is also something called "Adobe Air" in Applications > Utilities. I have left this one unchecked as I am not sure what it does. I would like to erase the history of all images opened with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 when I run CCleaner. To do this I would place the location in Windows > Advanced > Custom Files and Folders. I have already done this with a few other files & folders. The problem is I cannot locate where Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 keeps its history & usage lists. Once I locate them I can add them to CCleaner's Custom Files & Folders list to erase. Can anyone help me on this matter? Thank you.
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