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  1. Thanks for the replies and info but I have tried them all without success. I can delete the files manually, but NOT by using (Control Panel>Internet Options>General Tab>TIF>Delete Files). Have tried with only 10 files and my PC will hang for 20 minutes. Likewise tried CCleaner and will hang if only the delete files option is checked. In Safe Mode, the filepath (User>Local Settings>TIF) does not exist (why is that?).
  2. I've been having a problem deleting Temp Internet Files and was directed to use CCleaner. I'm having the same problem with CCleaner as I do when trying to delete using Tools>Internet Options>Delete Files in that my PC "hangs" (forever). I can delete the files manually. My setting to delete files when closing browser also does not work. I have tried to delete the TIF folder but get a message that says this is a system folder and cannot delete. I am the only user for this PC and using admin profile. What's preventing me from deleting this files?
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