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  1. Thank you. With 1709, I believe 5.41 did work to clean IE11 cookies, albeit taking (much?) longer. Unfortunately, with 1803, it seems none of 5.40, 5.41, and 5.42 is working to clean IE11 cookies. (My PC does not crash with 5.40, 5.41, or 5.42 , but they behave on 1803 just like 5.37 or 5.38 on 1709 in not cleaning IE11 cookies like I had reported early this year.)
  2. Thanks. I have done more testing: I first signed into both ebay.com and amazon.com. In CCleaner, Options, Cookies, I selected all the cookies, right click, "Delete now". I ran CCleaner again, and those cookies no longer showed up. I then visited ebay.com, and I was still logged into ebay.com (presumably because of cookie). I ran CCleaner again, and ebay.com showed up again. I then visited amazon.com, and I was still logged into amazon.com (presumably because of cookie). I ran CCleaner again, and www.amazon.com showed up again. In IE11, Tools, Delete browsing history...
  3. I can no longer clean IE11 cookies after upgrading to 1709. If you run "shell:cookies", you can find a file named deprecated.cookie with content: "Cookies are no longer stored in files. Please use InternetCookie APIs to access cookies."
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