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  1. I think I see what you mean. My initial thought was that it would be easy to add an instant Remove Cookies option, since CCleaner knew each cookie's info. But since (as I get it) it actually "guesses" of some sort, this would change the program's algorithmic philosophy. Still there's hope the devs may find some other viable solution. Q: Does this mean CCleaner has no knowledge about each cookie's disk location as well?
  2. I Copy-paste a previous reply I gave to Alan_B: There is no info shown, only an icon on flash cookies. All the others are shown with IE's icon (although I never use IE, they are applicaton ones). I think this makes it clear. If that's the case, it kind of answers my previous post's query about how CCleaner finds and "aknowledges" cookies. I'm still however not sure if and how the post of Hazelnut applies here since my knowledge about programming and software functioning is null. Remains to the devs. Any notes from the mods (or anyone) are always welcome.
  3. I don't get something on your post. As far as I know, CCleaner already tracks and lists stored cookies and even "knows" for some of them which application they came from (e.g. IE's and flash cookies are shown with the corresponding icon). Since CCleaner already identifies these cookies and their disk location, how would it become more of a "tracking software" by just adding a delete function? I may be wrong with all this, so inform me of what i'm missing.
  4. Thank you for supporting this request, my friend. Anyone else who reads this topic and thinks it's a good idea, post your thoughts so the developers can hear our voice. Yes, private mode does pretty good job (at least on Firefox which I use and know). But have you ever heard of the Application Cookies? No?
  5. Not really. 1. The cleaner will only delete cookies according to your selections on the cleaning options. It won't remove them all. You need to modify it each time. Quite boring. 2. Since the "cookies window" doesn't provide much info about which app each one came from, you will have a hard time making guesses. 3. "Just tick 'em all and leave it", some may say. Well, we won't always want to delete other application items. Especially for deleting some cookies. 4. You may also have a selected pattern of items-to-be-removed that you use routinely and don't want to spoil. Although i'm not a programmer, I think the feature I requested wouldn't be that hard to be applied in the program. Hope the devs think the same.
  6. Your question is why cookies can be harmful to your privacy? I hope I got it right. Some info about cookies: Many sites store and use cookies to identify you when you connect to them. For example, now that you are logged in to the piriform forum, the site knows it's you by reading the specific cookies about your login info. These are stored in your computer. If you delete them and reload the page, you will be offline. Many cookies are about logins, others serve different purposes. Some stay in your machine forever, others are deleted automatically. Many of them are harmless and/or essential for sites to work properly. This is the good part. There are those ones, however, who are used by tracking sites and advert sites to track your browsing. A profile is created about you from your online searches, sites visited, ads clicked and generally your online habits (while these cookies are in your PC). This info is a treasure for ad sites and marketers. This info is also stored and can be sold to third parties, legally requested by the feds, become available to thirds because the site got hacked, etc etc... Now if that's bad, depends of the people. Some may say "Oh common, who cares if they can see my online habits info." Others don't fancy being tracked and have their online privacy compromised. And then there are the paranoids (like myself ) that want to be as private as possible. From anyone.
  7. I believe the hunt for knowledge never ends, does it? I was expecting this answer, but you're missing something. All applications who connect to the internet store cookies. These can be Mail readers, IM programs etc. Their cookies are the Application Cookies. So far so good. These application cookies, however, are not shown with the program's icon on the menu, so your post doesn't apply here. Unless we can get it by their name, we don't know. To me they are actually shown with the IE's icon (not IE's cookies, I have checked it). Concerning firefox, all cookies are deleted on exit, so I don't happen to see any on CCleaner. I don't agree completely to this. Cookies are more privacy-offending than browsing history. Although I clean history too anyway.
  8. Thanks a lot for replying to my topic. Yup, I got that right. Yup, I knew this one too. In my post it can be seen that I have good knowledge about the current purpose of the "cookies window"'s existance. And how these cookies are handled. Well, personally I wouldn't call this (hopefully upcoming) feature a redundancy, rather a very useful way of instantly removing those cookies. You can only get rid of them with the cleaning process, as we both mentioned. My point is that there is no "instant way". There is not even some info about which application each cookie comes from (so that we know where to target on the cleaner items menu), or their system path. I do realise that the Ccleaner's philosophy may not prioritise the removal of cookies. Possibly that isn't most users' main concern either. But I can tell you, dear developers, that there are many of those who do, and would appreciate such an addition ;-)
  9. Hello. The Cookies View window very nicely shows us all cookies Ccleaner finds in our machine. Why isn't there an option of removing them? Instantly? Why, you may ask? Well, most people know that many users out there are privacy-paranoids (including me). I use myself tons of privacy add ons in Firefox (Ghostery, BetterPrivacy and ABP are an example), I delete cookies on exit (obviously) and use some other privacy tools as well. Still Ccleaner finds many application, flash, or normal cookies that managed to root in my PC. And I get frustrated that I can't delete them, there, immediately. Rather I have to run the Cleaner to remove application items, just to remove the cookies. I'm sure that a Delete Cookies feature would satisfy many users. Am I missing anything? If so, inform me.
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