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  1. With winapp2 a search field would be useful, no doubt. Without it too, as it is always faster to enter a keyboard shortcut and type what we are looking for. Sometimes we need to clean/analize just some specific item, and be able to find it faster is an advantage.
  2. There's no one else who think this is a good idea? How do you guys do to find a specific item on a ever growing list of them?
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to suggest a search field to help quickly find and/or filter the items that we are looking for, as the lists for Windows/Applications are growing larger. It could be activated by a keyboard shortcut like F3 and/or CTRL-F, and a possible location would be on the red field as the example bellow: Thanks, keep it slim and clean, and success to all of you from Piriform!
  4. I've ended up finding that the download does not appear with Chrome. With IE I had no issues. Direct link if anyone else is looking for it.
  5. Hello everyone, We would like to try CCleaner Network Professional on one of the Windows domains that we mantain. Since we could not find the download at the Piriform website, could you guys please confirm if it is not available? The page at https://www.piriform.com/business/ccleaner-network-professional/trial-download has no download links.
  6. I'll not have access to the involved systems until next week, so I can't tell about exact .ini file sizes. But trim.bat has done his job since it was run on the file server, I have full permissions, extracted the latest portable build, selected desired options at CCleaner.exe on the server... And then, was noticed the huge delay to start when run from this read-only share, while it keeps using network link (for what? unnecessary). I've found as conclusive that the root cause of the problem was the way CCleaner works when run from a network share, since the same set of exe and ini's was run
  7. Hello and thanks for keep the development of Winapp2.ini I just would like to ask if is a huge delay is expected (can take minutes!) when run from a read-only network share. I've even made a specific topic.
  8. Thanks for all the replies Even using trim.bat with all described procedures the startup it is really slow (takes minutes ) and not by using CPU time but about 10% of the network link. It is a wired network, fast ethernet 100mb full duplex. For instance, file transfers happens at full speed. When the same CCleaner set (exe + ini's) is run from a USB Flash Drive, execution is much faster. Seems that the current state of development has issues when run from a network share (maybe because it is in read-only mode? I'm not sure).
  9. No, I'm not selecting any item to clean over network, this is not wanted. I'm saying that the "Run Cleaner" button stays unavailable for a long time. When this happens, is noticeable some network link utilization. It is run from a network share that doesn't have write access and has a lot of subfolders: movies, pictures, etc.
  10. nodles, thank you for the fast reply! EXE version is Free version, home network of 2 XP SP3 computers.
  11. Hello everyone! I need help with the following winapp2.ini, attached. It takes minutes to make "Run Cleaner" button available when used on a network. While CCleaner is busy, we can see some network link usage on the task manager. How correct this? winapp2.zip
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