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  1. Posting this in attempt to find out how to get email notification if reply comes in.Well i sorry but i cant find how to do it maybe being 76 does not help .I am looking for some thing like a button saying notify by email. cheers john
  2. hello thanks to all for replies. i have no idea how i would restore a file from this lot .Yes they did come from running scan check on faulty drive which the removal of has repaired the drive. As matter of interest it was not the C drive but he D data drive that was giving problems . It would cause PC to crash badly and i could not run defrag on it . Now i can. It was crashing when making slide show so i guess it was when D drive had to rush around looking for picts it met the bad sectors. cheers john
  3. well if you look on web a lot of folk have experienced this .A folder appears in C with this found name.It in turn is full of sub folders full of the chk files in my case it is 17 Mb worth thanks for your reply
  4. Hi CC is supposed to clear .chk files why do i find a folder found 000 in C drive full of .chk files that CC does not clear ? i assume its after running disc check on win xp home cheers j how do i know if this gets answered ?
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