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  1. i have encountered this same exact issue. for the past couple of weeks. i rolled back to 5.44.6575, same issue. i totally removed the program and ini fines using revo uninstaller too. nothing left and thought i cleared out the registry and all lingering ini files too. but same thing. this happens after start up, never once used it, opened it once to disable all the things and still after next reboot i have 5 individual processes, one is /monitor. i disabled that. it is showing memory use, minimal but is up to something according to task manager and task manager x64 and system explorer freeware. am not sure what to do to control ccleaner. I have been using it for as long as i can remember in windows which is 2005 after switching from mac
  2. I just downloaded and installed the latest update for CCleaner 5.5050. I do not like the look at all, but that isnt the point of this reply here I am no longer to scroll inside the frame or windows of any of the new version. I can and must use the scroll bars now. this was never the case in any of past versions which is why i am posting this here I do use "wiz Mouse" v1.6.2 and it is updated to the newest level. I use and love the ccleaners of the past. I use it in conjunction with my paid version of Tune Up Utility that avg just bought. I am currently using the free version of CCleaner....Please look into the scrolling issue and Please,Please get rid of this new GUI, it renders poorly on my Win7 x64 professional 1080x1920 and 1080p monitors. nothing else renders so poorly ,i admit i do not like windows8 but this ccleaner is off even worse sorry, John
  3. I've been using Piriform CCleaner for years and years. I just got 5.5050 (free) i wouldnt pay for this ever. I would pay to have it removed. It is hard to see, the interface is terrible (I use Windows7 Professional x64) in each of my computers with one version of Ultimate of 4 windows based computers i built here. I never went to windows8 and never will. I am testing the Windows 10 Tech preview and am at the most current build but no CCleaner there I have only one comment to make about this great product: it is ugly , but, worse, it doesnt seem to show up properly , render properly maybe? I use 1080p resolution on each of my 8 monitors. Each is either a Samsung or LG. and I dont think the interface is rendering colors, text or design of this properly on any of my monitors-or it is just not well done. I have read the promotions and there are claims that many months went into this gui. but i dont "see" it in any sense of the word. I liked the old , most recent, version look just fine and it did what it should have done and well, quickly and easy to read. this one does not accomplish the most important task, ease of visibility: i read through the cleaner files to make sure something i want isnt being disgarded by accident. that can mean scrolling down a long, or fairly long list of temp files, etc. Even the registry items, not very many as a rule, are hard to see now. I do not want to change my system font just so i can read ccleaner. nothing else has the trouble Just my 2¢ , a long time user.
  4. In my Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 Motherboard link Speccy has the socket as M2, which it isnt, for the CPU. the socket is for the newest FX CPUs and is just the AM3+ socket. The new sockets would be FM1 and FM2 and M2 or AM2 are rather old That is all I noticed. so far
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