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  1. So adding considerably to time taken. Laptop also seems slower since I installed 5.48
  2. Yes i can do that and thanks I understand a lot more but I still feel CC only intermittently finds all the temp internet files as files that should be on the list aren't always there
  3. Just done that and at the 'current location' it says 'this folder is empty' , likewise if I click 'view files' under 'Settings' there is a single TMP file of 0byte - yet CC analysis says there are 545 files totalling 13,455kb
  4. I can't even find where Temporary Internet Files are stored on my computer, if I go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\ there are only ever the same 4 8kb files all with 'favicon' in the name, and NeroPhotoSnapViewer.Files9.ico as the type, where the hell are they all that CCleaner finds?
  5. I should also have said that sometimes the number of temporary internet files seems much lower than expected, say 50 when I would have expected say 900. as I don't think my internet usage varies much in the same time windows and my setting for them is 250MB, does that change your thoughts?
  6. I have vista and IE9. CC Analysis shows say 900 temp int files but after cleaning it only shows say 50 of them as having been deleted, the rest have disappeared from the list. I can't find where the temp int files are on my computer to check so I don't really understand what's going on. Anyone help?
  7. It' s always set on same 250MB, but what i've described doesnt seem to be affected by file size
  8. Everythings unticked in Advanced
  9. I use internet in a smilar manner each day, pc has vista. Sometimes when I later analyse with ccleaner there are ~1000 of these files and sometimes ~50. I'm wondering if some temp int files are not always recognised by ccleaner? Also if I search for files using %temp% there are only a few there - even less than shown on ccleaner, likewise when I look via tools>internet options>settings>view files. So I'm at a loss to understand this
  10. I've suddenly got this same problem but when I checked in tools and manage add-ons AVG toolbar and Safe Search were already disabled and AVG is not in the list of search providers. So any ideas?
  11. Thanks, I think its the multiple counting of an item that explains it
  12. if I analyze again there's none there, thats why its a mystery
  13. eg where do I find temp files and thumbnail cahe to check they have been deleted ?
  14. i've noticed that say if I tick temporary files and analyze and it says there are 1000, after i've used ccleaner and it says cleaning complete it says there are 300 files deleted, what's happened to the others, are they still there somewhere and how do I find out where they are?
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