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  1. Just downloaded the latest speccy (been using ccleaner for ages) and notice what appears to be an error on the storage details for my old laptop hard drive. It states that Model capacity as 800GB which I wish it was !! If you google the drive model you will see it is really 80GB as the later part of the report also says. I have highlighted the info in red below myself. Yours, Andy Here is a snippet from a saved report as TXT file (full file attached) Storage Hard drives Hitachi HTS541680J9AT00 Manufacturer Hitachi Product Family Travelstar Series Prefix Standard Model Capacity For This Specific Drive 800GB Heads 16 Cylinders 9,729 Tracks 2,480,895 Sectors 156,296,385 Device type Fixed ATA Standard ATA/ATAPI-7 Serial Number SB024CJGG8TDHD Firmware Version Number SB2OA7AH LBA Size 48-bit LBA Power On Count 1981 times Power On Time 277.8 days Features S.M.A.R.T., APM, AAM Max. Transfer Mode Ultra DMA/100 Used Transfer Mode Ultra DMA/100 Interface ATA Capacity 74 GB Real size 80,026,361,856 bytes RAID Type None TATES-SPM30.txt
  2. Yes - I have also noticed this on my XP system with SP3. Kept changing the color even for the page file but no show. Plus like the other post explained when you click on the page file color to show block used it does not work either. I am going back to previous version and see what happens... Anyone from piriform got an answer ?
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