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  1. lately I have not been able to see the list of cookies to save.


    [ OPTIONS ] [ COOKIES ] shows a list of cookies on the computer and highlighting the right arrow moves a cookie over to the save list


    i use this among others for cookies where I have logged in to a forum when i visit a forum page I have to do nothing I am logged as soon as I access


    lately I cant see this list to save a new login cookie the ones that I asved previouisly are on the save list.


    I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 just recently ( I use Firefox all the time and have not had problems previously)


    I upgrade to a latest CCleaner as soon as it I am notified.


    If I recall correctly, I remember this problem there before I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 Maybe not


    I am not sure when I upgraded to the latest CC but the problem has been like that for at least a week.


    Any suggestions/solutions?


    I have the same problem. Everything worked fine until Firefox 3.5.


    Any suggestions?

  2. I was put off using paypal a two or three years ago, having read of a very large number of significant disputes.

    I'd never look at using them.

    Like it or not, the organization has a name, now, that is far from popular with many.

    An alternative means of donation (for all sorts of software providers) would be welcome.

    I agree 100%. I have been burned by PayPal twice now and I will never use them again!!

  3. Very interesting discussion. My problem is just the opposite. It deletes cookies that I have set to save.


    I am running XP Pro SP2 and CCleaner v2.02.527 and Firefox 2.009. This has been going on for the last several versions of CCleaner.


    Does anyone have this problem and any solutions?


    Many thanks,

  4. Hi

    The latest version keeps crashing for no apparent reason, in particular when I'm not actually running the cleaner.


    Error report:

    The error report also gave me the location of where two files were saved (CCleaner.exe.mdmp & appcompat.txt) containing details of the error, but no directory of that name existed, even with hidden files showing, therefore, I'm afraid I cannot post the contents of these files.


    CCleaner: 1.41.544

    Windows XP Pro SP2

    1 Gig ram


    Thank you for any help.

    I have the same problem. Mine occurs when I run CCleaner running from the Recycle bin without opening it.


    im running CCleaner 1.41.544 and windows vista and every time i use CCleaner with nsa 7 passes on it crashes on me sometimes
    I am running the same version with XP Pro and I am having the same problem. I am only using 1 pass and it happens when I run CCleaner from the Recycle Bin without opening and analyzing.

  6. Until the problem is fixed about the only suggestion I'd have would be to:

    1. Disable all the IE cleaning items in CCleaner.

    2. Then enable the IE cleaning items in CCleaner one at a time, run CCleaner, then run IE to see what has happened. Do this until you find out what exactly is causing it, which would of course weed out which cleaning part is causing the problem.

    Also make sure you're not running CCleaner with IE open and running!

    This is getting to be a real pain in the .... Any idea when it will be fixed?

  7. The Google toolbar isn't even listed in my CCleaner anymore. No surprise then that it doesn't clean it here either. Do you have the toolbar listed under CCleaners application tab?


    It appears to be slightly different in the FF version, you click the Google button on the toolbar (the one that has the full word "Google" on it), then in the dropdown menu is the option to clear the search history.


    The Clear Search History in the drop down menu in FF 2.01 is greyed out. You can't clean the history.

  8. Hi Gmx,


    Open Crap Cleaner > click on 'cleaner' > then under 'Internet Explorer' unclick the 'delete index.dat files' entry.


    Only do it if you are having trouble saving passwords and the like after installing IE7.




    2harts4ever :wub::wub:


    This does not save the cookies either!

  9. Thanks Woody for your prompt reply. The more I use CCleaner the more I appreciate just how complete, how exquisite this program really is. Not being of the computer generation, I take comfort that one program, that uses such little system resources, can so clean my computer of useless + malicious material that I cannot even begin to fathom. I also use AVG, AdAware, Spyware Blaster, MRU Blaster, HiJack This, Reg Seeker, Diskeeper Lite, Firefox, all running on Win98SE, on a P3, 600, 256 megs, Ultra-Lite cable internet. That's why this low power computer just continues to perform efficiently, almost trouble free. Thanks, also, for your welcome to the forum.


    It will NOT keep cookies in IE7.

  10. Hi everyone...


    New build to be released this week.

    The change log is currently as follows:



    - Added cleaning for:

    Visio 2003

    AVG Anti-Spyware

    CuteFTP 8.0 Pro/Home and 7.0 Home

    Windows Live Toolbar

    CA Anti-Virus

    - Updated cleaning for:

    Outlook 2003

    TextPad 4

    Quicktime Player

    - Improved error handling when opening RegEdit.

    - Fixed issue with Opera 9 classic installer.

    - Updated installer routines.

    - Issue scanner accuracy improvements.

    - Minor optimizations and tweaks.



    MrG :D



    How about IE7. Have you fixed the "keep cookies" feature? It has been discussed is this forum for some time now.

  11. "Maybe" untick the option to clean ZoneAlarm in the large Cleaner button area since according to some posts the newer versions of ZA protects its logs against programs such as CCleaner.


    Note: If you've installed winapp2.ini there will also be a ZoneAlarm cleaner named "Internet Logs"



    I tried this and it did not work. Same results. 100% cpu load after running cleaner and closing...

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