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  1. I ran out of space on my external HD, so I copied everything over to a larger one, then deleted the first. Studpidly, I did not check to make sure everything copied first, and two of my monthly folders did not. The folders are still there, but empty. Nothing is in the Recycling Bin because I deleted such large folders, I got a message that it can't fit in the Recycling Bin and will just be deleted. I'm not totally panicked yet because as Recuva scanned, it said that it found more than 15,000 items, so I'm sure they're there, but I haven't been able to see them yet.
  2. Tried again without using the Wizard. This was a little better because I could see how many files it found as it scanned, but it still froze at the end of Stage 2 (analyzing damage) and did not show me any of the files found. Is there a way to view the files that it found, even if it did not complete all 3 stages of the scan? Where would they be? I cannot believe I lost her baby pictures.
  3. Every time I run Recuva, it flies through Stage 1 and Stage 2, but freezes after hitting 100%. After reading through the discussions (most of which I don't understand), I tried running it in safe mode and downloading version 1.43, but I get the same results every time. Nothing has been recovered because I can't get past Stage 2. Then the only thing I can do is end program in Task Manager and restart computer. I lost 2 months worth of my daughter's baby pictures and videos from a small external hard drive. Please help!
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