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  1. I hope that Winapp2.ini is okay and that SMalik comes back someday; I've been looking over all posts in this thread since the last release of winapp2.ini and I especially appreciate the research done by SMalik on the Windows 10 Universal Apps. By the way, it looks like, to support both new Opera and the Vivaldi web browser in these winapp2.ini entries, for every FileKey where you see %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome*\ add a line where the "Google\Chrome*" bit is replaced by "Opera Software\Opera *" (I added a space to minimize false positives), and another line where that bit is replaced by "Vivaldi" (the only exceptions being for "Application" directories, which are in Program Files and where I have never seen debug.log files); additionally, it looks like more of the Chrome-related sections could use a registry detection for HKCU\Software\Chromium where they already have lines for Torch and SuperBird, and then after that, lines for Opera Software and Vivaldi. (For some of these entries, it looks like new Opera uses %AppData% instead of %LocalAppData% and does not have a "User Data" subdirectory, nor separate user profiles.) I might later post the respective changed sections, after adding the entries for new Opera and Vivaldi; I haven't yet found relevant entries for Brave, though. I will send my updated winapp2.ini file to Winapp2.ini when I am done, but I will not post it publicly out of respect for the project maintainer.
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    Is it still true that no community-maintained winsys2.ini file exists, analogous to winapp2.ini?
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