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  1. Alan_b, i messed up with the 'open' action in the context menu of folder file and im no longer able to open a new folder in the same window. im on a w.xp.sp.2, it afect every folder on the computer, nothing to do with palemoon, i basicali alway doubleclic on a folder to open it as it is setted to be like that. and what the actual hell with your ''go to download page'' context menu action in your folders context menu ?
  2. nergal, you are genius, the only thing that remain to do is mark couple of cookie as ''do not delete'' to allow permanent login option like on piriform. now still remain my issue whit the context menu of foldre who is upside down.
  3. thank you for the custom link you pinpointed to me nergal i will try them right away and come back to you latter \ winnap2.ini : your thing is uneficient , it doesn't worked.
  4. ***** correction Alan_B : so what is the total size of all your palemoon files reunited togheter? because mine is near 507 mb .
  5. ok so,Nergal: my palemoon is a portable version and i have sevaral copy of it on some usb, and 2 computer.\ Nodles: i mostly try to keep the newest version of Ccleaner and the newest version of my palemoon. \Alan_B: to make thing clear before i continue, i use palemoon on a windows xp sp3 and my issue with the context menu of folder is on an older computer, basicaly, this one is a windows xp sp2 but i think its of egual power as windows xp sp1 (because its an old computer that i only use for playing diablo 2, total annihilation and other somewhat old game).\ Winnap2.ini : i will try .\Nergal : the reason why i writed writed on piriform is precisely doubth about support for palemoon cleaning.\ Alan_B : so what is the total size of all your palemoon browser reunited togheter? because mine is near 507 mb .
  6. hey it would be nice if you piriform team would add support for the cleaning of Palemoon browser in upcoming update, because its the only browser i use and i noticed while compressing a backup copy of it, that on 500 mb, there was up to between 370 and 400 mb that is only cookie and other kind of crap. and also, i messed up with the ''open'' action in the context menu of folder : now when double-cliking on a folder inside another folder, instead of switching directly to the content of the second folder, it open in a new window, i wasn't able to get it back to normal and it would be great if piriform team could find a way to add support for resseting to default messed-up context menu ...and maybe also reaseting default icon for file , like when the default icon of dozen of file type are messed up. thank you in advence .
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