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  1. First off i would like to say sorry if i posted in the wrong forum im new. And now onto my Issue i had my hard drive from my old laptop and got an external for it and have been using it as a back up and it crashed. so i decided to fix it well at least attempt to anyways. so here it is when i plug it into my usb port it asks to to reformat so i clicked cancel and decided to get testdisk to see what is going on. i found my drive and clicked [proceed] went to [intel ] then hit enter [analyze ] then hit enter pressed enter and started analyzing 4. after it was completed this is what it looked like 5. so i did a deeper search 6. then when it was done this is what it showed So i decided to try and re write the MBR code and i got this does any one have any other ideas or have i missed something?
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