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  1. It's been many months now. I just downloaded the latest CCleaner update, but Chrome History is still not being cleared out.
  2. I wanted to mention that I'm still having this problem. Could it be related to Cookies I've decided to keep or anything like that? When I run CCleaner, it says it is deleting my Chrome history. I go back to Chrome, and there are parts of the History still there. Maybe it is a CCleaner setting that someone can help me out with?
  3. Edited by moderation. Please do not duplicate your posts as it will cause double the work for any helpers. Your other post can be found here in your original topic.
  4. Clarification on my problem. I looked at the Chrome History before and after CCleaner. Most of the history is gone, but a few things are left, like a CNN from today and yesterday, a Yahoo. Why are a few histories being left, and most gone?
  5. I am running Windows 7. I do have a lot of bookmarks in Google Chrome. I tried again, made sure Chrome was shut down and ran the cleaner. I saw the Internet Cache and History on the list. However, when I opened up Chrome again, and chose History, my History was still there. I checked the Task Manager and I do have a LOT of Processes, but none that looked like Chrome. I have both Evernote and Dropbox running on my computer.
  6. I just downloaded CCleaner 3.25.1872. It still is not deleting my Google Chrome history, even though it forces it to close down. This has been a problem for a few months now. I know others have posted about it, but since this is a new version, I thought I'd report it again.
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